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Creatures of nature and ghosts of nature


lot's of people are coming to me asking me something about ghosts of nature (Naturgeister) and how they manage it to contact them. In those moments I'm a little bit confused because I'm not sure what kind of information they really wish!
In German lot's of people say "Naturgeister" and mean fairies and elves or in my words nature people. So they tink that nature people are ghosts! But, they are not! For that reason I'm asking them some questions to inform myself if they wish to contact ghosts of plants/trees or nature people!

I distinguish between nature ghosts and nature people/creatures as animate people!

Nature ghosts:
Nature ghosts are the ending ghosts is telling! They live for example in a tree and form its character. What? A tree has a character? You may ask! Then you may think of a hippie hugging a tree. Let us leave that image behind us and think of the fact that some hundreds of years ago man thought that only humans have a soul but not the animals. Today no one can imagine any longer that a dog or a cat may not have a soul.
Now we imagine that trees and plants have a soul too!
Plants have roughly said a common soul and trees have a common soul. The individuality is not so definitive like that of us humans. Those souls manage that the plants/trees can grow and live. They are often in a symbiosis with nature ghosts. Nature ghosts are etherical characters which may be called devas or dryads (for example). They form the character of the tree! Old trees have more character than young ones and plants which become not very old. They are absorbing the energetical structure of the ground and the environment they are growing in - that's an additional aspect that has an influence on the character of the deva/nature ghost.
Nature ghosts are living in passed out roots of trees as well. Nature people call them guardians. They pray to them for protecion of their clan and bring them sacral offerings. Here you see an image of such a guardian:

Nature people/ creatures of nature:

Nature people are living beings like humans, but they are NOT human. They are belonging to a long row of other species! And no - I do NOT call them elves and fairies - because they are not! On my opinion the words elves and fairies are only an invention of man. The nature people do not call themselves like that! They are living in and under trees in bushes and in meadows. Yes, they are living in the heches of your garden, and in the trees of your garden as well. So do not think that you are alone if your going with your boy/girlfriend into the woods for a little bit fun!
Humans cannot see them because during the long ages of thousands of years they lost their ability to do so! As humans they need food, as humans they have families and problems of all day life!

Contacting nature ghosts and/or nature people:

Nature ghosts are easily to contact. Go to a tree within a place you feel good in, sit down, go inside your heart and feel what emotions and images are coming to you. Surely you can ask the place (it has a deva too) or the tree some questions. Formulate the questions as an image and not in words and send it telepathically to the tree. Then sure you will get an answer. You may feel the tree to have a male or female energy, more logical or like a beloved mother and you may receive some images of the events that happened in former times on the place where you are sitting now. If you feel that the place may have bad energies or the tree is a loner you might go to another place where the tree might be more communicative!
For those reasons some people are cleaning places energetically...but that's another aspect...

Nature people are NOT easily to contact. The first fact is: We can't see/hear them clearly and they cannot as well! So you have to be at least a little bit clairvoyant. But, don't mind - everybody can become clairvoyant if he/she wishes to be ;). As foreigners deal with each other we can do so with ne nature people, training our inner imagination and empathy!
Nature people don't show themselves to us, because often they are very distrustful to our species. We destroy their living don't wonder for that! Therefore you have to show them that you are a good person. Visit one place frequentally and show them your interest in contact, by formig images in your brain showing that. Then wait. Perhaps they will be interested too - because nature people are very nosey ;) Do not expect anything and do not become impatient. Some gifts like marbles that you leave in tree holes may help.
In our times there are more an more humans who are contacted for different reasons by nature people. Those humans have an intensive connection to nature and often do not know that, since the contact is being created. The aim of the nature people is to remind humans of their existance. The contacted intermediators have that function.

I'm one...


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