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What do nature people eat?

Lot's of people may think that nature people do not need anything to eat. That's not true. They need food like we do! Now I investigated what they eat:

The average human goes into the supermaket and buys his/her salad. After a taste we find out that our food has a low taste of its own. So what do we do? We use lots of spices so our food gets a special taste.
A long time I thought, that the food the nature people are eating has to be less spiced, and indeed nature people do not know spices like cinnamon, curry or pepper. They know salt, but salt is very expensive! They do not flavour their food like we do.
Now you may ask: Why not? That has a simple reason! The plants you find in nature have a very intensive taste! In spring you may mix a salad from them and it may have a good medium intensive taste. Im summertime it is almost impossible to eat a salad made of herbs because, they are really, really intensive.

So what do the nature people do? They are creating lots of chutneys but mixing powdered plants.
They use animal fat as additional nourishing ingredient, because it makes the chutney more pasty. In higher society classes, they use oils. But oils are very expensive, because it's very difficult to produce them - nature people do not know or use modern machines, like we do! Every mixture is very nutritious and has a very intensive taste created by the mixture of ingrediences.
You don't need to eat much of that pastes to feel sated. That is the reason why the do not eat such great amounts of food like we do. They combine those chutneys with raw meat e.g. from deer and lots and lots of insects. They prefer the insects to be alive, when eating them.

Both habits: eating raw meat and living insects may be seem disgustful for us humans, but that is not! Nature people do not use fire! Never! That has different reasons. That is one reason, why they do not roast, cook or stew anything! The second reason is: Raw meat and living insects (that are dying very quickly by eating them) still have lots of life energy. The nature poeple believe, that by cooking meat and roasting insects the whole life energy is destroyed. So for them it is very disgustful to see humans roasting meat!
The most awful thing for nature people is our habit to eat eggs! Eggs come out of the backside of a chicken and they contain premature embryos (that is the egg yolk as well) - for them a very abhorrent fact.

So I hope you got a little insight of what food they prefer!

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