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Nature people in rhythm of (year) seasons


I'm reading a book with the titel Tradition und Geschichte der keltischen Geheimlehre. It was written by Ross Nichols and published by Philip Carr-Gomm after the death of the old man. Carr-Gomm is the leader of a famous Order of Druids in GB. He followed Nichols in that position.
In that book you find a lot information of old cult places - Stonehenge is the most famous.

The theme of that article is "Nature People in rhythm of (year) seasons". Sorry of my bad words, but I'm just trying to put some thoughts in words, that are not easy to describe.

Nichols describes in his book the mathematical structure of the cult places in GB - they reflect the ancient mystics and universal truths of earth and planets the early man knew. That structure contains in main: cardinal points with the elements (air, water, fire, earth...) and movement of planets (mainly sun and moon). That was built up with the help of number mysticism and by placing certain elements of the cult places in certain cardinal points.The cult places reflect the universal truths within a construction.

Now I'm writing a very old nature people scripture that is not based on letters! It looks (but only a little bit) like the elbish scripture of Tolkien. I can write it, I know the basic theme I'm writing of, but I cannot read it.
Long before I read the book of Nichols I did with that scripture similar things like the old ancestors in the megalitic culture with their cult places. I ordered the sentences within the cardinal points and within the elements in shape of a circle. That is a far more simple structure as they practiced but, very familiar to their philosophy. I didn't try more complex structure, but I know that I could create them.
Structures of old nature people scripture (I call wise man scripture) reflect: ancient information, ancient widsom and mystics within a geometrical perfect shape. That wisdom has to do with the rhythm of planets, the rhythm of year's something like floating with the course of nature and within that the universal laws.

Nature people internalized these basic rhythms...and the early man did as well. I think the early man learned from nature people to build the structures like Stonehenge, because the species of nature people is much older than the human race. That is the reason why nature people feel the nature ...they can talk to animals and hear what the trees are telling them. Trees are something like the nervous system of the earth. They save and store all events around the earth. Go to a place and ask an old tree of the last 200 years. You will be astonished what kind of information you get!

Hope I described the relation between Nichols knowledge and that of the nature people properly.

See Ya

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