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Character and mentality of nature people


today I want to tell you something about the character and mentality of nature people:

Some people who come in contact with nature people tell me that they cannot stand their vibrancy for a longer time. It is a fact that the kind in which nature people use to behave is often archaic. Stereotypically lots of people may think of an elfish goblin. But it is not right to describe nature people within that concept - it doesn't describe the whole essence of these beings.

Nature people's characters are related more intensively with emotions as those of humans. All emotions we humans feel strongly: desire, lust, love, anger, hate, are a stronger part of the behaviour of nature people. They feel emotions with every cell of their body. For that reason especially younger people are dominated of an ectreme charakter that tends in both directions: good and negative. Their moods are changing more oftenly than ours. They are able to feel deep love an loyality as well as deep hate and anger. But as a human one can handle this by looking into their heart and being honest.
Nature people notice immediatelly if you are lying! Open your heart to them and they will love you and be very helpful to you! One can discuss erverything with them - even if there are missconceptions - because they are very intelligent.
The older nature people get the wiser they get. They become charactically more balanced. That is the reason why the older ones have to be often very severe to the younger ones. The character has to be balanced out in early years.

Natur people have a strong sense of community. Family and clan is very important for them. Family members have to be very loyal one to another. In some clans the females have the leading part, in others males. Nature people have to trust their leaders without condition. The leader brings his subordinates in situations he/she wishes. They don't ask them: Do you want so? In every situation the subordinate has to be totally loyal. Reciprocally the leader has to protect his people. He/she is not to bring them into dangerous situations.
Both partys have strong reciprocal responsabilities. The subordinate has to trust into the wisdom and the visions of his leader, and the leader has to protect him/her. If the leader lacks wisdom, compassion and vision his people will suffer and he will loose his stand.
Life of nature people is more strongly dominated by rules and repeated patterns as that of humans.

To man behaviour of nature people often seems to be very barefaced. They tell you directly what they wish from you as well if they wish that you may leave them. For example: Some tell you very early the kind of relationship they want to build to you as - I want to be your friend I like you! They seem to be very bidding because humans do not speak so barefaced to each other.
People who are members of upper classes speak very subtle one to another so you have to be very advertend and subtle als well to understand if they are making you a compliment or not.
Generally it is very important to assess your speaking partner very quickly. Has he/she a good heart? Are his/her intentions good? Nature people are more calculating than humans. It is easier to notice that. So you have to find out what he/she is calculating  - in relation to you. If the heart is good you may be good to him/her as well. If not you mal tell the other part to leave or you will leave for yourself. Older people generally are wiser people - they are calculating too, but it is not so easy to see what they want from you. So see deeply into their heart - it is easy to feel if they are good hearted or not. Older people will help you for the reason that you may help them: Their motto is: help me and I help you!

The advantages of a life within a clan of nature people are the deep feelings of love, lust and a strong sense of community where everybody helps each other. It is a complete devotion to life.
The disadvantage is a certain rudeness: They say - that is your function and duty to do look for yourself how you may solve the incoming problems. It is a life of strong responsibility assignments and command structure - but too one of movement and cleverness. If you are clever you can reach the top of the mountain...sometimes ;)

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