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The importance of names in the nobility of nature people...

Alexanders and Anns...

Humans who have contact to nature people often give them human names, or the nature people call themselves in human names, because they often sound very difficult to speak for us. So you hear names like: Anton or Manuel here in Germany, in the US or GB you may get names like Ann or Alexander. For communication purposes that is totally okay, because nature people don't want to waste their time explaining us how to spell their whole name.

The magic of dynasties and their history... 

Alexander and Ann may sound easy to spell for us, but if you don't ask the whole name of your dialog partner, you will loose a lot - and you won't even notice it.
Nature people - and I do not only mean the dynasties of nobility but also huge family collectives have very long names, which keep records of their character, their society status and the history of their whole family. So if you call them Alexander and Ann it is like I would ignore who you are and where you come from!

Nature people's names - some examples: 

  • The birth name is the name they get when they are born. e.g. Kiull'gill = the skilled.
  • Symbol name: Riachipich = the fatherly friend.  
  • Royal name: e.g. Tath-tar-diù = the fourth king from the dynasty of the diù.
    • Hawardiù = Son of the eigth chieftain from the dynasty of the dìu. The father (he was a chieftain and later became a king) is allowed to call his son like that and other people who are not related to the family - but not the his sons.

So you see: The whole name of your dialog partner tells you a lot of his and the history of their people. It is an honour to get it! So be full of respect, if they tell you their full name!

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