Bilder Gallerie (Gallery)

I show you some of my art pieces of nature poeple and other beings. Their lives their history, their fears and hopes.

His name is Bogrlù. He ist an old shaman who formerly was member of an sacred order. This order no longer exists, but the wisdom of it is still alive.
Bogrlù lived for a long time in the north of the Scandinavian countries - now he moved more to the "South" - he lives now in Danmark. He is a hermit. Yesterday it was very hot, so he came to me and asked for water. I can give him a glas of water, but not the amount he really needs. So I sent him to a friendly folk called Freikjer... they would help him. Now he is doing some help within their gardens..afterwards he gets enough water for his home.

Her name is Gawida. It's not her full name because it's too complicated for humans to spell. She doesn't exist any longer in this shape. This portrait is a reconstruction of a former incarnation of a human woman. Sometimes poeple feel that they don't really belong to the human species even if they have a human body now. When they find out that in former lives they were nature people I reconstruct their faces. This face was reconstructed with the help of a contemporary, who is still alive and knows the woman in her human shape now.

His name is Nindir, another meaning of his name is "the beautiful one" - because he is the most handsome man in the whole community in which he lives. He is member of a kind of nature people which call themselves Freikjer. They originally come from Danmark and live in Bavaria for a long time now. Parts of the tribe remained in the original country.
They are very tall people. Nindir is about 1,90 m tall, slim and lanky. The bodies of the Freikjer, who look very similar to humans, are full of light hair. They have big hands and big feet, therefore I think that someone might confounded them with bigfoot. The colour of their eyes varies from blue to amber.
Freikjer are very inventive people who live an advanced lifestyle. They are very diplomate and liberal and give other kinds of nature people, who don't know where to live a shelter. So the title Freikjer also means the name of the tribe itself where many kinds of people live, e.g. Dhàrdhats and Kelkey. They are very kind to humans and like to have contact to them.

His name is Fullforlak. He is a shy one, who lives about some years in the appartment of a young woman. He once lost his beloved family within a clan dispute. When I got to know him he was very excited - he alsways did jokes to the woman e.g. he turned the tv on and off. After a talk to him and her, we found out that he did that to catch her attention. Now we communicated more, and we hope that this picture may force the verbal communication between him and the woman, who acutally are friends.

His name is Hsònak. He is a former sovereign who comes from Finnland and my best friend. He often helps me drawing all the pictures of the nature beings. I cannot see them with my physical eyes so I have to ask them of details about their physiognomy. He looks to my visitors as well and tells me more details : e.g. if they have earrings, certain kind of exotic headdress, tatoos and other insignia of life and origin.
He is a very kind one with royal manners in behaviour and conversation. He told me, that for his father it was very important to teach him like royal has to behave.  

His name is Pérsoljak, he is a druid. A friend of mine met him, collecting mistletoe out of a tree - like Miraculix of Asterix and Obelix. I told him that story. First he thought we would make fun of druids liking that stories, but I explained to him, that Asterix and Obelix entertain generations of humans in a very humorous and friendly manner.
Pérsoljak is very communicative and kind. He has no fear of humans and is very curious for new knowledge. He is an expert in ayurveda and mixes all kinds of natural lotions and unguents, which often are good for humans als well.

His name is F'iriler. He is a Russian diplomate. First when he introduced himself I thought he would come from Poland, because he alsways said: harascho - and I understood Warschau. Then I googled and I saw that this is Russian and means: What's your name?
His headpiece is something very special: it is a award for his role as the speaker of the folk. He is a diplomate between the normal people and the higher society (e.g. nobility) of a part of nature people. He is guest at a folk in Swizerland - and knows a human woman in Swizerland. For her I did that portrait. F'iriler is also very proud of it.

May I introduce? His name is Hasferdak. He knows that he is a womanizer. As the son of a chieftain every woman wants to marry him ;-) Behind him stands a strong father who looks that he gets a good education. He still is very young and impulsive, but a good one!

This is Gho'shù-drrnia - he is a member of nature people and as tall as a 9 year old child. But as you can see he is old and wise. He lives with his family in a little forest area in the German Ruhrgebiet - in a blackberry bush. He is the leader of a little village community. He and a human woman became friends because she and other humans preluded, that his forest was cut down by tree fellers.

Her name is Zaga'kh, she is the head of a community of sister's orders. I met her only once but I wanted to draw her, because she has a very interesting face. Look on the tatoos on her forehead, they show her status.

His name is Patull. He is a Dhàrdhats, and quite old. Humans cannot imagine how old he is. He was my first experiment to draw old faces in an adequat manner - it's not so easy. If you ask him if the feels old he probably would say: I'm never getting old, I'm staying young forever. To be old means to be wise, but it also means to be weak. Sometimes he feels a little bit tired of life he says to me. That's no wonder: He experienced the times where the young manhood and nature people still could see each other! A time where the realities were not broken yet! Sometimes I try to imagine all the treasures of experience and wisdom when I look into his eyes.
The scar on his face is very old. It is the result of a bad fight in younger days.

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